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Beepnow will change how you share your passion

beepnow has received a lot of inquiries regarding ICO participation. The beepnow team is encouraged every time we receive such inquiries, which became our driving force.

Our ICO will be done in a lottery format to ensure "fair play" and to give back to everyone who supported us even a little bit.

We are looking forward to your participation. The first lottery draw is scheduled to begin October 20th, 2018.

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Why beepnow use blockchain
What is the market size of beepnow?
beepnow!! Anytime!! Anywhere!!
What is the Beepnow app?
Skill-sharing platform powered by blockchain

Experience the world like never before. You can now tap into someone's skills with a simple app. Want to experience the colorful Harajuku district like a local? You can easily do just that! Simply use the Beepnow app to find a fellow Harajuku enthusiast and meet up.

Beepnow is a skill-sharing platform that connects "job seekers" and "job offerers" together, and allows you to do everything from offering a job to completing the payment on your smartphone.


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ICO Details

Beepnow aims to help individuals around the world in maximising their unique skillset and earning income on a freelance basis. Everyone within the Beepnow ecosystem are seen as individuals without belonging to any organisation, and treated equally regardless of their backgrounds. We hope to develop an ecosystem in which everyone will benefit from each other and find meaningful encounters in doing so.

Why Beepnow Token?

Beepnow Token is issued as Beepnow's key currency to make it easier to trade, remit, and pay within the app at a lower cost. The token will also be used as incentives for various activities that serve to revitalize and improve Beepnow's services and overall experience.

Token name

Beepnow Token

What does this token represent?

Beepnow Token is Beepnow's currency to make trade, remittance and payment.

Total supply on sale

17.5 billion tokens

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Full Of Experience You've Never Imagined
beepnow Gathering Specialists
Make your dream comes true
To be a joyful life

Team Meet the beepnow project team

Alex Tsai Founder, CEO
Harol Higuera Lead Developer
Aliaksandr Navaseltsau Marketing Strategist
Masami Michitsuna SMM and Community Management
Naoki S Martinez Sales & Accounting
Nguyen T Hoang Sales & Accounting
Edmond Lohanata Project Manager
Gitta Ayu Putri Graphic Designer

BTM Team

Adil Haris Blockchain Consultant
Dr Mahmood Al‒Imam Data Scientist
Audrey Li Quality Assurance Specialist
Aries Camitan Software Developer
Shervin Aghdaei Security Analyst
Sandeep K. Kewlani Full Stack Developer
Paul U Agada Project Strategist
Syazana I Faridon Junior UI/UX Designer

External Team

Paul Brel External PR Counselor
Helene Berkowitz Content Writer/Proofreader


Kazuhisa Adachi